hi! my name is mickayla (mick for short), my birthday is december 14th and i'm from upstate new york :) below is a list of my interests and my favorite things.

CURRENT FAVS (as of 09/18/2023):

Favorite Show: Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Favorite Song: WWIII - KMFDM

Favorite Game: Saints Row 2

Favorite Movie:Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Favorite Food: Toast w/ Strawberry Jam

Favorite Drink: SUGAR FREE REDBULL!!!!!!!

Favorite Candy:Peanut Butter Snickers

Favorite Holiday:Halloween

Favorite Actors:Bruce Campbell, Brittany Murphy, Natasha Lyonne, Chloe Sevigny, Ted Raimi, & Rose McGowan

Likes:night time walks, adult swim cartoons, campy low budget 80s/90s horror movies, nostalgia, cemeteries, stormy weather, journaling, photography, mall goths, cd collecting

Favorite Bands/Artists:Limp Bizkit, Korn, Depeche Mode, KMFDM, Nine Inch Nails, Sepultura, Soulfly, Deftones, System of a Down, Machine Head, Incubus, Mushroomhead, Cannibal Corpse, CKY, Type O Negative, Ministry, Slipknot, White Zombie, Sublime, Kittie, Pink Floyd, Duran Duran, New Order, Pantera, The Chemical Brothers, DMX, Slayer, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Pearl Jam, Mudvayne, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against the Machine, TOOL, Dystopia, Wu-Tang Clan, Sevendust, Mazzy Star, Rob Zombie, Disturbed, Suicidal Tendencies, Puddle of Mudd, Meshuggah, Acid Bath, Smashing Pumpkins, 311, Joy Division, Cypress Hill, Nailbomb, Method Man, Death, The Prodigy, Orgy, Insane Clown Posse, ODB, Chevelle, Staind, Skinny Puppy, Skinless, Hole, Notorious B.I.G, Alice In Chains, Coal Chamber, Faith No More, Blink-182, Mobb Deep, Prong, Snot, Linkin Park, Akira Yamaoka, Godsmack, Spineshank, Bloodhound Gang, Nirvana, Rammstein, Fear Factory, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Bush, Static-X, The Cure, Eminem, Green Day, The Cranberries, Christina Aguilera, Helmet

Favorite Movies:Spun, The Doom Generation, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Saw II, Saw, Evil Dead 2, Jawbreaker, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, The Evil Dead, Intruder, Thirteen, Freeway II, Final Destination, Jackass: The Movie, But I'm A Cheerleader, Silent Hill, War of the Worlds (2005), Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, Saved!, Shaun of the Dead, Enter The Void, The Virgin Suicides, Kids, Dazed and Confused, Foxfire, Natural Born Killers

Favorite ShowsFreaks and Geeks, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, South Park, MTV's Downtown, Daria, Ash vs. Evil Dead, Family Guy, Twin Peaks, Breaking Bad, Serial Experiments Lain, SeaQuest DSV, Russian Doll

Favorite Games:Silent Hill 2, Saints Row 2, Sims 4, The Quarry, Dead Island, Saints Row 3, Saints Row 4, Bully, Skate 3