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hello! my name is mick and i created this site as a place centered around my interests!

some of my interests are music, videogames, movies, late 90s and early 2000s, and fashion.

★ stuff about me! ★


movies: house of 1000 corpses, the devils rejects, not another teen movie, spun, jawbreaker, slient hill, jackass: the movie, final destiantion 1 & 2, scary movie, saw, saw II, saw III, disturbia, scream, war of the worlds (2005), jeepers creepers 2.

videogames: silent hill 2, saints row 3, bully, minecraft, roblox, sims 4, skate 3.

music: sepultura, system of a down, slipknot, korn, limp bizkit, soulfly, nine inch nails, insane clown posse, green day, dystopia, sevendust, kmfdm, nailbomb, coal chamber, mudvayne, static-x, spineshank, deftones, machine head, fear factory, godsmack, kittie, disturbed, linkin park, rage against the machine, white zombie (and rob zombie), orgy, staind, wutang clan, metallica, acid bath, type o negative, ministry, hatebreed, 311.

actors/actresses: brittany murphy, natasha lyonne.