(07/22/2022) feeling: fine

Today was pretty cool. Me and my mom went for a afternoon cemetery walk and we end up walking back home with two kittens. At the cemetery there is this abandoned building that used to be I think a school, later a daycare before closing down and we found the kittens right outside the building. We found both a gray and a black kitten, we named the gray one Pickles and the black one Luna. Now thinking about it, I don't know who'd build a building where kids would go right next to a cemetery, the building is fenced in from the cemetery, but it's still pretty weird. I remember a couple years ago when me and my friends made plans to explore it, but once we crawled under the gap in the fence from the cemetery and looked inside we saw an upside down cross spray-painted on the wall, so my friends decided they didn't want to explore it anymore haha.

(07/13/2022) feeling: fine

Haven't updated my website in like two weeks, just been busy I guess lol. I have just been pulling all-nighters playing the sims 4 and minecraft. Almost a week ago, I got these things called perler beads, if you don't know what they are, you basically align the beads into a certain design onto a pegboard and use an iron to melt them together, since I've got them I have probably put atleast 10 hours into them (I'll put photos of a few I've made below!). Thats pretty much what I've been up to these last couple weeks, along with watching Breaking Bad for the first time with my dad, its pretty good so far, we just got to season 3.

(06/24/2022) feeling: fine

Wassup! I'm officially now on summer break :D! I haven't really done much lately besides playing the sims. But last week I got a new pet :D! I haven't had a pet since I was like 4 years old. I got a hamster! She is so cute. I didn't know what to name her so my mom named her Bitches haha. Where Bitches is staying now was originally a snake tank so its pretty big. Cuz its so big, my dad went and got another hamster a couple days ago and I named her Fred :). I'm not sure if you are supposed to keep two hamsters in the same tank together but they seem to be getting along.

(06/13/2022) feeling: EXCITED!

Tomorrow is my last full day of school! I'm so excited :D!!! I actually really enjoyed this school year a lot, which is something I'd never thought I'd say because I hate school lol. But I am really looking foward to summer break so I can have more time to do things that I want to do. I'm planning on practicing with coding and working on my webpage a lot more, as it's still very empty and bland, and I also wanted to watch all of the movies on my watchlist (which is A LOT of movies... kinda). I have a lot more plans for this summer but those are just my main two.